What we do ...

Jay Curtis Consulting, LLC is a full service, bipartisan government affairs firm that centers on our clients' needs. We serve our clients in DC, Springfield, Chicago and throughout Illinois. 

We provide the same dedicated service to businesses, governments, non-profits, and beyond. Based on years of experience working at the highest levels of federal, state and local government, we deliver effective strategic solutions based on the best intelligence available, using the best practices possible.    


The successful public affairs business is based on the five "P's" - People, Policy, Procedure, Politics, and Perception. Jay Curtis Consulting, LLC brings a depth of experience developing, cultivating, and deeply understanding the role of each to best serve our clients' needs and achieve their desired results. The comprehensive list of services we provide are as follows:

Legislative: We use an intimate knowledge of the process and strong relationships with the people involved to advocate our client's position with members of the General Assembly, legislative staff, the Office of the Governor and leaders in state agencies to influence the outcome of legislation. Whether it be promoting or defeating a legislative measure, our client will always be represented and never be surprised. We can monitor and track bills, analyze and draft complex initiatives, or actively engage through testimony, negotiations, and roll calls.

Budgetary: Government budgets are usually limited in the resources available to all. We understand the highly competitive appropriations process and work hard to secure the necessary funding opportunities our clients desire.

Regulatory and Administrative: Government programs and funding can be tremendous assets to the success of any organization. We have experience developing, implementing and administering the programmatic resources of the executive branch. We know how procurement, granting, capital funding, economic development, licensing, permitting, rulemaking and administrative law work. We will use that knowledge and experience to guide the client through the bureaucracy to the desired result.

Issue Advocacy: We know sometimes the best possible result for a client is to create awareness, educate decision makers and deliver lasting messages. Whatever the client needs, we provide the necessary guidance. We develop effective communication strategies. We build grassroots campaigns. We enhance public understanding of what you do and what you need.